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Redbone Chronicles Vol 1 Issue 1

In an effort to document and preserve the history, genealogy and origins of the people known as Redbone, the Redbone Heritage Foundation began publishing a collection of conference presentations, articles and essays and genealogies in the Redbone Chronicles, edited by Don C. Marler and Gary “Mishiho” Gabehart We have combined those here and updated the January 2007 issues. This issue includes some never before released conference presentations, articles and essays by descendants, members, researchers and scholars. Including pictures, genealogy and relatives of progenitor fore families, and member submitted DNA results. Contributing authors : James Nickens, M.D., Ethnic and Geographic Origins of the Melungeons part 1; Alvie Walts, Southern Mestee Communities; Govinda Sanyal, Yamassee/Seminole Ethnocide; Stacy Webb, Redbones and Redbone Communities including the Natchez Trace, Specutie and The Burgess Survey; Sammy Tippit, Land, History and a People Called Redbones; Don Marler, Grave Houses, a Review, Book Reviews; The Historic Ten Mile Redbone Riot; Joanne Pezzullo, Carolina Tribes & Pre-Contact ; Scott “Hoodalee” Sewell, The Buckskin Curtain of Indian Country; Redbone Heritage Foundation members submitted genealogy of the Redbone Progenitor Families: Hundreds of Redbone family connections concentrated around one marriage certificate between the Doyle & Drake; Contributing genealogist and family historians Marilyn Baggett Kobliaka & Verna Thompson, The Thompson Family; Examining population “y” , a mysterious Amazonian Indian match to a population migration of Australasian origins.




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